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Guided Group Tours & Cruises for Persons with Visual Disabilities!

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Picture of Daniel and Michelle on the Carnival Valor.

Hey there! Thanks for checking us out.  Daniel and I are excited to be able to offer this unique service: sighted-guided cruises and trips for people with visual disabilities.

For more than 20 years, we have been heavily involved in organizing and managing camping programs, events and activities for blind and partially sighted individuals.  As a matter of fact, Daniel and I volunteered at a ‘blind camp’ during our honeymoon back in 1992.    From our early beginnings, we were hands-on type of people.  We made some great friends along the way and gained great knowledge and experiences.

In the summer of 2011, we took some campers to a restaurant and began talking about travel and cruising.  Of course, it was during this conversation with well traveled blind folks that we were made aware of the many difficulties of traveling alone as a totally blind person.  At that moment, Daniel and I recognized the value of organizing group cruises and providing the service of sighted-guides. With his unusual sense of humor, and my ability to organize and problem-solve, as well as our strong appreciation for traveling and cruising, we discovered a new life’s journey: doing what we do best and helping people with visual disabilities enjoy ‘to the max’ a cruise holiday!  

Our goal is to provide travelers with high quality services.  Each trip, cruise voyage, and tour is planned & organized from the moment travelers depart their city of origin until their return.  Voyage planning includes transportation such as flights, vehicle rental & shuttles, cruises & particulars, hotels, trip itineraries, excursions, and more.  Each trip is prepared with great care, precision, and at an affordable cost to help make every experience pleasant and joyful.

From young adults to seniors, each blind or partially sighted independent adult who enjoys group voyages and request assistance with one or more of the following: trip planning, escorting, guiding, visual description, and traveling with other like-minded individuals, is a perfect candidate for an EyeSeaTravel Voyage!

Come on! Join us on our next cruise!  Or choose a bunch of traveling friends and let us do the rest! We’d love to hear from you.

Yours Truly,

Daniel and Michelle Richards

Travel Consultants, Tour Operators, Sighted-Guides & Trip Escorts   

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