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Photograph of a lighthouse, the ocean and the beach in the Bahamas

Eye Sea Travel

“ This was my first cruise and it was amazing!  I enjoyed being on and hearing the ocean.  I had a lot of fun at night when most of the group got together at the Blue Lagoon eating & laughing. The highlight of this trip was when I touched, fed, kissed and listened to the dolphins underwater!....Besides the awesome sighted-guide services provided by Eye Sea Travel, both Michelle & Daniel did an awesome job of describing everything that was visual.  I am happy to say this is not my last cruise!... Judy-Toronto Canada

“The Bermuda Trip was wonderful! Swimming with the dolphins was absolutely a dream. But the best was the laughter, so much and so often.  We met so many wonderful people and have so many awesome memories.  Michelle and Daniel just couldn’t do enough to make the trip great! ..memories, memories. I can’t wait to go again.” Shelley-Sydney, Nova Scotia

“...It was fun to stand in the stocks... I say: “Power to the People.”  The Snorkel Park was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life: It was me, Mother Nature, and Sister Atlantic....all communing in perfect harmony.  I felt so at peace when I was in the water. There was nothing like it!...Often, Daniel had us in debilitating laughter.  I still smile when I think of those nights.  So I thank you Eye Sea Travel!”  Fredericka-Denver USA   

“The entire trip was planned by Michelle-transportation, hotels, cruise and tips, and even the excursions.  Daniel and Michelle were with us every step of the way and they helped ensure that all went well!  It was a great trip.  Thank you!” Albert -St.Charles, New Brusnwick

Create your own memories!  Take a voyage on a cruise ship. Discover & See the Caribbean. Let your Senses be heightened & magnified in ways that can only be described through experience.

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