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Eastern Canada Tours to PEI, NS, NB & Quebec

*Tours depart from various cities within the Maritime Provinces.

Prince Edward Island

“Prince Edward Island is one of four Atlantic provinces located on Canada's east coast. The Island is crescent-shaped and resembles a cradle, thus the Mi'kmaq name of Abegweit, which means "the land cradled on the waves." Our rich culture and heritage offer much to be seen and explored and our warm hospitality sets us apart.  The green pastoral landscape and water views make our Island way of life unique. They also allow us to produce some of the tastiest food experiences found globally. And our miles of sandy beaches are some of the best in the world.” www.tourismpei.com


New Brunswick

“New Brunswick may be known for its natural beauty, parks and beaches, but a visit to the bustling cities and picturesque villages found across the province is a must for vacationers. Few places on Earth are as awe-inspiring as the Bay of Fundy with its magnificent tides, breathtaking coastline and endless adventures. Uncover a different side of New Brunswick's coastal landscape by visiting beaches and sand dunes.  From the Acadian Peninsula to the Acadia of the Southeast immerse yourself in vibrant communities and a rich cultural scene. Museums, historic sites and living-history villages bring the Acadians’ remarkable 400-year-history to life.  Remember to visit King’s Landing Historical Settlement which is an outdoor Living History Museum, recreating the lives of New Brunswickers in the 1800s.” Parts taken from: www.tourismnewbrunswick.ca

Nova Scotia

“Located in eastern Canada and almost completely surrounded by ocean, the province of Nova Scotia is a place where you can feel your pace fall in sync with the rhythm of the sea, as the clean salt air breathes life into an afternoon. Immerse yourself in culture that ranges from traditional to avant-garde, from bagpipes to world-class golf. There are six regions within the province: the Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley, Cape Breton Island, the Eastern Shore, Halifax Metro, the Northumberland Shore, the South Shore and Yarmouth & the Acadian Shores.  Visit one of Canada’s best fruit-growing regions known as the Valley. Discover the homeland of the legendary Glooscap of the Mi’kmaq people and locations where the early European settlers farmed the soil and fish the waters. Take a tour of the Fortress of Louisbourg, and the living history museum for Gaelic language and culture.   Learn about the cultural roots of early Scottish settlers in New Glascow.  Board a replica of this three-masted, fully rigged ship, and try to imagine how those 170 pioneers endured 11 arduous weeks at sea, slowed down by storms and smallpox.  Explore the many lighthouses on the Shore such as the much-photographed beacon in Peggy’s Cove. Uncover the rich historical cultures and the scenic landscapes of this picturesque province.”

Parts taken from: www.novascotia.com

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EX: Two Day PEI Group Tour

Start your tour at the Gateway Village and Confederation Bridge!  Takes lots of photos and do a little bit of browsing & shopping. Continue to Summerside to learn a little more about the Acadians who settle on ‘Ile St Jean’. Become acquainted with PEI’s history while visiting Founders Hall and Province House in Charlottetown.  Perhaps a little Cow’s Creamery tour would be nice! Keep on with the journey of culture while visiting Green Gables, Anne of Green Gables Museum and Cavendish Beach. Explore the lush green hills, the majestic farm lands, the extraordinary red soil, and the Atlantic ocean’s playground throughout your tour!


PEI, New Brunswick & Nova Scotia Group Tours can be adjusted and planned based on participants’ choices:  

Group Tours can depart from any Maritime city. Length of tours and excursions can be adjusted to cater to the group’s preferences, likes and mobility.  Minimum number of 3-4 travelers per tour.  Prices vary on number of participants, excursions, & length of trip. Duration of tours can vary from 2-7 days and prices will be adjusted accordingly.

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